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a paradox

A paradox exists in my life – I am so grateful that all of my family is well – I do not take this for granted for one second and I place it in the highest regard – nothing is valued more than the wellbeing of my family but I fall short on the day to day, the anticipation of the new day and the small delights that can but won’t be discovered. A little bird outside of my window wakes me up nearly every morning and reminds me that I won’t be in touch with nature this day. I thought last night how I don’t even know what phase the moon is currently in. I will walk past my easel again this morning and the canvas there will remain blank and these few words I type now will be the extent of my musings for the day. And the garden will not be tended and the pages of a book will not be turned. As I said, it is all paradoxical – working for money or insurance to maintain a lifestyle that takes me away from my life?
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