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art day

I have nagging things in my head this Saturday morning,- little bits of “housekeeping” I need to do but so do not want to – these things extinguish the muse – they put me in a place that is so concrete and practical, so 21st century. I will do these things though because, just as I have to clean the kitchen before I cook, I have to take care of business before I create – it’s just that tiny fragment of left brain functioning that I have that directs me.
I have an art show tonight and I am so grateful about that – I hope I sell so I can paint more! The show is sandwiched between two Mardi Gras parades so I have hung a lot of small pieces – perfect sizes to fit in tourists’suitcases! And during this time, Elizabeth will be part of a flash mob in the lobby of the art center – showcasing a dance from a musical she is in! It will be cold but it will be a night filled with art. And…the twins are in Colorado during all of this, creating works of art in a kitchen – I’m happy! More than that, more than “happy”, I am grateful. This entry is my primer for what I hope my day will eventually become – a day filled with creative words, small paintings, food and dance…
What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit. 
 John Updike
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