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another opportunity

Here we go again – another day…yesterday was good – because I said so. It was a conscious effort to stray away from negative thoughts – dodge bullets – but I am thinking that if I continue to do this, it will become a habit, a reflex of sorts and I will end up on the other side and much better for it. My biggest obstacle is staying in the moment, I’ve found. I tend to imagine everyone’s future – I don’t know who gave me these credentials but I find myself managing the future – how silly is that! Anyway, that was the hard part for me – I have to keep to the path, stay in the here and now. I do well when I’m present – I feel that contentedness I spoke of yesterday. I find, also, that spirituality must run parallel to this navigation center – as I said, I am not capable of managing someone’s future – LOL – I need guidance. I find myself becoming more and more spiritual as I get older – not to be confused with religious – and therefore, feel more security that my life is directed; my job is to never lose sight of the beacon. Two of my biggest moments yesterday were – the twins coming home from a trip safe and happy with another layer of growth and experience and a possible opportunity for me to hang some of my art in a gallery!  
Another summer day stretched out ahead of me – I still have all of my facilities and possibilities alongside of my spirituality and belief that life is not random.
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 I have yet another summer day. How will I conduct it? I think I will choose to be content today – content that, while not perfect, never can be that, my life is good. First of all, I have my life and all of my facilities and even beyond that – so does my family. Okay that’s it – I’m not going to be greedy with the universe – I’m good to go – the day ahead looks awesome and all things are possible. Wow!

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