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Starting Over

It is late and the week end was too full, but I wanted to begin again with this addiction, this therapy, this creative release I have acquired. I have missed coming here to my little space I share with whomever. I have missed bundling up my thoughts and putting them into words that may (or not) cause a stir within someone and certainly causes me to ponder and to think of things in a deeper way. Anyway, I will write more later. Excuse the mess that is the blog. I am having to learn how this site works and I am afraid I am not too articulate in technology. I have copied all of my old post and archived them just to have, for me to have, because they are the bread crumbs of my life for nearly 3 years.
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May 4, 2008 To Begin With…

“This is my maiden voyage, my first blog, and I am so anxious to get started. I hope to successfully accomplish my goal and alongside of that mission, meet some of you and share stories about art and nature and family and all of the things that matter. It is Sunday, and I have a busy day in the garden and in the kitchen, so I will be brief, but perhaps I can share something of interest this evening when the day has ended and I finally come inside; we can grab a cup of coffee and chat.
Till next time
The above is the first entry of a blog, sketches of my day, that I kept for 2 1/2 years. The host, Microsoft Live, closed its shop . I am hoping to begin again here with the same sort of material.