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At the suggestion of my brother I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer Sunday morning  on Public Television. Hmmm a lot to wonder about. I typed in a few little notes on my iPhone. I looked at it today and here is my very abbreviated summary:

Edged God Out = EGO

The “Small Self” seeks things that will perish.

The “Higher Self” is spirit, God, something eternal .

Jesus says God is Love

This last little note I jotted down is my belief – God is Love. That’s all I need to know…

I like these hasty transcripts; it is something I completely agree with. I am constantly aware of the struggle between ego and spirit. I try to stay in spirit and keep ego at bay. It is difficult, but it’s supposed to be, we are supposed to be challenged by the “outside” but should succumb to our inside, our spirit. When we do, we know it, it feels like victory and when we let ego win, we know that too, it feels awful – it feels like we ate too much, said too much, spent too much, just not good .
Anyway, just wanted to post this. Dr. Dyer spoke for a couple of hours and nearly every word he uttered was profound but this is what stood out for me the most. I hope you can connect and perhaps spend your day in spirit instead of feeding “ego”.

“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”
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I am reading a new book, one recommended by a wonderful artist friend of mine – hmmmm – it is unlike anything I’ve ever read and having an impact on me – something a good book should do. To kinda get off the track here, once, I wrote something in my newspaper column that was “different” from the things I had written before and I was hesitant to go with it here in this small town, so I asked the editor to read and approve it – he went with it and told me that it’s a good thing to put controversy out there – tactfully – it rattles people a bit and causes them to evaluate their own opinions. Well, this book would follow that thinking, for me anyway.
 I have just read the first 2 chapters but I’m captured with the out of the box thinking. I am not making a recommendation until I finish it, but I will say, just the first few pages have given me a healthy perspective on my life and the things that matter. The jest of it is that this material world is quiet incidental and certainly temporal, what matters is the spiritual world. Funny, but just this week end at my aunt’s funeral I had a conversation with someone, much older, who had those same words to speak – explaining his effort to be more spiritual (not making reference to religious) and far less material. I think about the pharaohs and their elaborate efforts to hoard all of their stuff to bring with them in the afterlife – the lives lost, the time spent to satisfy ego – hopefully we’re smarter today.
I find it so freeing to discount the physical world and focus more on spirit. I have little or no control over one and total control over the other. When I reference the material/physical world I don’t mean just materialism, for me, it also encompasses happenings, not just things. It all goes under that umbrella of “what was I worrying about or upset about last month”? Who knows – who cares – it’s temporal and gone. I find more sense in assessing my spiritual growth from last month to this month – how have I contributed, how have I grown more tolerant of others, and patient with myself. Anyway, I hope to make a recommendation of this “mystery” book later, but so far, it’s got my attention.

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John Wayne

It’s Monday, the beginning of the work week. I love my new job, inspiring and teaching young artists, but, as I said, it’s Monday. I am leaving many things undone here as I get to work by 8, but on the positive side, I have had a full and productive weekend. I painted mostly. As a matter of fact, when I have the time, I plan to post the painting I did yesterday on my blog – there’s a story to tell about it. The big thing I did this weekend was church – Elizabeth and I went to mass – the mission continues. I don’t feel I am a “lost soul” – I have an awesome relationship with God and I am most always spiritually connected, it’s the doctrine that is causing the disconnect.  We’ll see…It’s a journey for me.
Speaking of spiritualism, my dad’s favorite big screen guy was John Wayne – Big John. Elizabeth was searching the internet for quotes for her history class and left behind one she had printed but decided not to use. She has no idea who John Wayne is but for whatever reason, she left this behind on my desk:
“Tomorrow is the most important thing in your life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”
Thanks Dad.
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