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Magic and the Moon

I wait impatiently for the coolness of autumn to find us way down here along the Gulf Coast. It seems to be delayed, as late September is feeling too much like August. The Full Harvest Moon will light up the night on the 29th and I know I will stand in the field where my garden is and wait to see it rise just over the trees and once again, be in awe. This is a ritual that began in my youth; there is something about the moon rising and the sun setting that puts me in a special place; it is a miracle I can easily enjoy and count on.
I think I may be the only person on the planet that would have rather no one land on the moon. I loved the mystery, the romance, the way my imagination could roam on that far away sphere when I was a child. I suppose children don’t bother looking for the “man in the moon” anymore since there was a “man on the moon”. Shame on me, I suppose…

Speaking of miracles, I have had my life enriched this past week end by people I have never even seen and may never meet. It was a spiritual journey, one without the interruption and intrusion of ego – the best kind of experience.  The experience was pure, linked to my past, and generated a peaceful feeling that ripples and finds its way into my everyday life, the same feeling I get when I paint or write – just a spiritual connection that fills you up.

 I think of the word serendipity, a fun word that I love, “making discoveries by accident”, and think this would be a fitting way to describe the week end that just past, the one I write of – it was a magical accident. Sorry to be so vague but the details shouldn’t matter; the point is that being in spirit is where you find your truth and consequent happiness. The material things your ego strives for keeps you on the wobbly surface of life and can never give you pure joy – it is as temporary and fleeting as the stuff you buy with it.

Anyway, I hope you look more towards those places in your life that deal with essence and worry less about those places that deal with acquisitions.
And I hope Fall will soon arrive in South Louisiana!
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Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is. William James

Okay, how haunting is this? I remember being a kid and recording my voice on a little tape recorder we had and when I listened to it, I did not recognize it as my voice. I sounded different than I thought. That moment really impacted me and my perception of myself. William James takes it a giant step more and proclaims that the way people perceive us is not the way we see ourselves and then questions whether we even see ourselves correctly.I am uncomfortable with this lack of control, this randomness. I will try harder not only to be the personI am but to project the reality. I suppose much of life is accidental and subjective. This is why the arts are so important – it allows you to express what is really inside, to tell the truth – to yourself and to the world. we only have one chance to “be real” – we have to take it. I close with a photo of an “accident” in my yard – climbing roses planted too close to a mimosa tree and a St. Joseph lily surviving amongst the tangle of jasmine. accident or serendipity?

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