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I plant seeds. I have summed up my life, my purpose, just today with these 3 words. I am ok with them.

There are the tiny seeds in my garden, a place I have kept since I was 15, that amaze me each season.

There are transient seeds  in my thoughts that sometimes become words, words that are only simple and not to be dignified or applauded but may, now and then, connect to another human being.

There are the most important seeds that are scattered in the minds of my children, seeds put there with intent and hope that they will be cultivated into their own thoughts and opinions.

And finally, there are the soulful and spiritual seeds I continually sow, seeds that never reach maturity for, they are not meant to.

shedThe weather, although still quiet warm, is beginning to change. I spent an hour or so outside yesterday evening helping my husband begin the dismantle of our old garden shed. It is somewhat sad for me because it was built one hot summer many years ago by someone who is no longer here, an old friend of my dad’s, Harry Romero. He sat under the Ash tree that was so small then for a bit of shade. That  tree has reached maturity by now and towers over the little red shed and would have, now, given Harry and his son much shade. Each time I look at that tree, I think of Harry – I do not exaggerate this statement Each time, he is in my thoughts. It was well built and stout but lightning struck it one day and because we did not repair the hit, so began its demise….


Nature has reclaimed it

nestI found a tiny bird’s nest within the rotten rafters. I set it next to an egg I gathered to show you how small it is.




We will rebuild the little red shed, perhaps a little wider and hopefully, we can incorporate my chicken coop within the new structure, but it will remain the garden shed that Harry built that summer long ago besides the ash tree.

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