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October 11, 2010 – sadness

I am reluctant to post what follows, for it is not something I like to put out there; it is something painful. I was out late last night visiting a former student in ICU – he is 21 and he is paralyzed from his neck down. He was in a car accident. I do not have the words to describe how gentle and beautiful this child is and I do not understand, for one minute, why. I do know that my perspective on life has shifted, which is why I imagine these sorts of horrors occur – to make us stop and “get it”. I am so grief stricken and laden with sadness, my body hurts as my heart shatters. When I woke Elizabeth up this morning and she turned her head to moan a sleepy moan, I witnessed a blessing from God and as I type this post, I watch my fingers move across a keyboard, there, I witness another. I have become aware that it is all a miracle. Please pray for this child that is lying in bed so terrified and so crippled. And while you are praying, please realize how blessed you are.