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ground hogs and roosters




On this day of the groundhog, I must write something about the rooster. As I have written, I have chickens. I love “keeping” them. I love getting baby chicks and caring for them as they grow and then developing a bit of “relationship” with them as hens. I love the different colors and kinds and feathers and shapes and I love the fresh eggs.

Anyway, I accidentally have a rooster now. This rooster’s job is to protect the hens and he is one scary dude! I have what has been declared, by me, a “rooster protection stick” by each outside door because he comes after me with hostility each time he hears the door slam – only me, never never my husband, just me??? He scares me and sometimes I hate him but I know he is doing his very important job so, I live with his rules. The last rooster I had actually gave his life to protect his flock from a predator – they do not back off from threats to their flock! Anyway, I have learned a lot from this little barnyard microcosm of mine and last night, I learned something new; roosters are not monogamous.




I have 2 chicken coops, henhouses, and he lives in the bigger coop with the older hens, this is where he has been since he was 1 day old, this is his flock. Well, last night when I went to close up the coops, the rooster was in the other coop with the “younger” girls. I had to chuckle and share…I have always looked to the natural world for answers and with that in mind, what conclusions could I draw?  

Happy Groundhog Day