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I want to find time to read more – historical books about people and food and the earth. Winter is nearly gone; maybe it will be summer reading. It has to be winter or summer; spring and fall are too busy in the garden and the yard. I think I would find everything in my life to be deeper and more powerful if I read about its history – origins, birth, beginnings, foundations. It seems everything and everyone is constantly evolving, never really arriving or getting “there” but everyone and everything has been “there” and that “there” is tangible and I can learn from it – everything else is speculation.
I found this random quote and I do not know who coined it (so sorry);I kinda like it:
 “If you advance with confidence in the direction of your dreams, and begin to live the life you imagine, you’ll meet with success beyond your wildest imagination.” Cool

Now, don’t substitute the word “success” with “money” – not the same thing, totally different stuff, not even close…