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something to do

Just a quick post to put something out there to think about…

 I bother myself with reoccurring thoughts of “how I am helping”, “how am I contributing”? I ask and I come up short. I know that I am hitting all of the big marks – taking care of myself and my family – working at a job of service – trying to be kind to the planet – doing art –  but it’s the small things I am short of, the things that are so easy to do. I think of this because of my twins – I was told a story yesterday about something they did long ago in high school – something they probably don’t even remember but the recipient of their kindness does and  the positive effect has remained with them – how wonderful is that, how great that we can make a difference?

Anyway, this little story inspired me and made me question my own contributions. Sometimes I feel so caught up in my little world and I am not as sensitive to those around me and not helping when I could; I’m too “busy” and self-absorbed – know the feeling?

That is what is on my mind this Sunday morning, the realization that sometimes just a word of praise or a genuine smile can be a difference, a difference that will never be forgotten. It is my goal to become more mindful of those opportunities to do just that. We all know by now that things are not as they seem, people tend to exist behind facades of deception – underneath, there are concerns and we all have the power to readjust damaging thoughts and make the day better for others and consequently ourselves. Our outer selves are what the public sees – it showcases snapshots of our lives that appear fine,it’s our “Facebook” and many times we are all “Pretenders”,  but somewhere beneath, we are the same, experiencing the same anxieties, fears and similar problems.

 I don’t mean for this to be a negative post – I just mean for it to be honest and on this Sunday, a day revered by many, I thought it fitting to think about what else we can do.

There is a quote by one of my son’s (William) favorite guys, William James, that puts all of my awkward words in one little package: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

I end with an image, an image that may affect you in a positive way. I resurrected this old kitchen staple yesterday and made coffee for my daughter and I just the way my mom made coffee for she and I many years ago.It dripped and then we drank a cup and shared a moment, one that I hope will make a difference. 
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