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Let it be

If you just let nature take its course you always win. I have realized all too graphically throughout my life that this is truth. I really wasn’t planning on an entry today – so much to do when you return from a trip, but I was outside and I walked past my tumbling down and mostly rotten garden shed, a sight that can send negativity through my shallow worldly concept, when I noticed these  daylilies growing there so beautifully not minding at all that the space they shared was “unsightly”; they were going to bloom and  be beautiful; they were going to do what they were meant to do, because it was time, no matter what the environment, not any different than a dandelion that struggles and finds its way through the crack in a sidewalk.
 I am one who believes that Nature has all of the answers; we just need to be able to open our minds more to “see” and this daylily standing there so graceful and proud in front of the tumbling down shed allowed me to do just that.It was taking its course, regardless of what superficial manmade occurence was going on around it. I suppose that if we could be more patient with life, with our children, with our careers, with ourselves, we would realize that Nature will prevail and all will be what is intended; we will blossom, when it’s time, but never before.

The determination of the daylily took away the self-inflicted stress I was feeling – you know that anxiety when you come home after a trip – so much to do!!! –so I “released” and continued to walk through the yard to “see”. I saw how big and busy the dragonflies were by mid-June and noticed the figs were a bit early this year. I saw the zinnias standing there rigid and ready to be cut and put in a glass vase in my kitchen, I saw my mother’s four o’clocks – seeds she scattered 27 years ago when i moved here, I saw the concord grapes that I am sharing with the squirrels and the birds and amongst all this glory of summer, strangely, I saw Fall; I saw the grapefruits and oranges heavy on the citrus trees and the pecans quietly growing in their little pods; they made me think of the cooler weather and the holiday season that follows and that felt good; Nature’s promise that life will go on.

I took a few shots just to give a visual on some of the goings on of summer and hope that you “see” and can “let it be”.
concord grapes for “sharing”

something beautiful that just “appeared”

beauty from my mother


b u

p s


It was a silly thought, no, a simple thought, about something my mother had said years ago – she had a way about interjecting little lessons into everyday conversations without my realizing what she was doing. I must have been listening, perhaps not understanding, but listening because I seem to have a little data base of momisms that surface at the most opportune times. I completely believe that she is orchestrating this for me because once you are someone’s mother, you never quit being that someone’s mother – it’s forever.
Anyway, back to the momism – it was a misty thought about her patience. While she did fun things spontaneously, she held back on making quick moves on important things. She would tell me that she needed time to think about something –  it used to annoy me how patient she could be – I, in my youth, wanted the decision made now, there was no need to “sleep on it” or wait – let’s just do it. Well, as most things she has said, she was right, patience is a virtue – a virtue I work hard to possess – patience with others, patience with myself, but mostly patience with life. Sometimes my ego gets in the way of my spirituality and I get impatient and think things should happen on “my” time – I forget about “God’s time”. I find this especially true when it comes to children – we can quickly map out their lives and make that determination on when they should do all of these things on our list – my mom knew that it didn’t work that way and now I am beginning to understand.
I stumbled upon the “poem” that follows and for whatever reason, this advice to be patient keeps filtering into my life.
When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
So long as mists envelop you, be still;
be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
— as it surely will.
Then act with courage.
Ponca Chief White Eagle
b still
p s

Go Forward With Courage

patience and plantations

History seems to be the main event for me these days – the appreciation for and the destruction of. Yesterday was a day of spontaneity,adventure, and history – one of the best kind of days, a day to leave your life for a bit and exist in another – it is so constructive to get out of yourself for a bit of time, to forget what you’re doing and to not care who you are. Elizabeth is engrossed in Gone With the Wind, my mother’s all time favorite book/movie. She is captured by Rhett Butler and is fascinated with Miss O’Hara. The book is page after numerous page of elaborate description of the old South and Elizabeth is no skimmer; she reads every single syllable. I thought, what a great time to see a real ante bellum home… so, we put on some lipstick, grabbed a few bucks and got in the VW. I took her to two houses I had seen years ago with my mom, Nottoway and Oak Alley. It is all so curious this relationship or better said, connection, she shares with my mother; each day unfolds another similarity. I don’t even know how she, a 16 year old, even came across this book and then how a 16 year old would want to read a book about the Civil War that would include 1048 pages – life is magical somehow. I am getting to know my mother better through my daughter . I suppose life really does mend itself if we can be patient. Patience, that is the hard part – we screw things up because we are not patient – we don’t allow the universe to unfold – we become impatient, intervene, and mess up “the plan”.
He that can have patience can have what he will.
Benjamin Franklin
b patient
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