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July 26, hmmm a day without much hoopla attached to it – the best kind of day – I believe. The dog days continue through the 3rd of August and 57 days til autumn. Meanwhile the tropical climate travels northward and the Gulf of México, once again, becomes very critical in our coastal lives. But, today, all is calm and the box on the calendar is empty – the precursor to a great summer day. I chose to begin this potentially wonderful day with a blog entry and coffee. I don’t have anything special to write about this morning but I do have one quirky, poorly constructed but meaningful thought I’d like to share – some things in life are important, but there are A LOT of THINGS that are not. I think I will, in my continued effort to improve, spend the day on the important things.
Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
 Henry David Thoreau
some pieces of my life that make it full
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