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DSC_0702I think I’m back, back to blogging. I had quit for a while, possibly forever, but it seems I miss this little space in Cyber Ville; I miss saying “whatever”. Whatever I feel like saying – no one pays for it, no one has to even read it because I find fulfilment in just writing it. I “quit” because I am now writing a bimonthly column for my hometown newspaper – every other Sunday – yay!!! here : More time books with early morning, sudden nightfall – The Daily Iberian: Columns. I am so happy about this added amount of newsprint spaceĀ and I just wanted to focus more on that and other projects I seem to always have going on. I love writing for the paper – and I wish I could do it more often (just putting that out into the Universe!) but I miss the complete freedom I have with this blog. For instance, this post is about nothing really, “Seinfeldish”, but I can post it anyway. The newspaper columns are so wonderful to do but they cannot be as random as this blog, so here I go again with more musings from Loreauville, LA.

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