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van gogh…starry night

I am not really a fan of labels and categories. I don’t really have favorites. I have no favorite color, no favorite food or season or time of day or flower or song or recipe but, if it were needed that I pick a favorite sphere, it would be the moon. I do love the moon and that, along with my June 29th birthday, makes me a moonchild. I am happy that I fall into that orb (I like the sun too). Anyway, with all of this trivial text I bring you to the point of my trivial thoughts – something you too can ponder or not.

The full moon will be here Sunday night…”The super moon (perigee full moon) on November 14, 2016, will bring the moon closer to Earth than it has been since January 26, 1948. What’s more, the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. That makes the November 2016 full moon the closest and largest super moon in a period of 86 years! Should you look for it on November 14? Yes! But be sure to look the night before as well – November 13. For many on Earth, the moon will be more “super” that night … although both nights will be awesome!”

 I am very anxious for this cosmic phenomena and casually thought of it throughout the day yesterday. I thought about it a bit more intensely over afternoon coffee and realized I was, and am still, very energized … I disassembled my little art studio and cleaned the windows in it and sorted through my paints and cleaned my perpetually soaking brushes and stacked canvases in tidy corners and then I went outside and clipped canna lilies and trimmed gardenias and planted more kale in my garden. I baked cookies for the store and went shopping for fresh cranberries to put in the Harvest Bread that I will make and let rest in the refrigerator overnight…whew!

I tackled tasks that I have been putting off or just dabbled mindlessly in, never completing, it seemed strange. So, I ask, is it the waxing moon that drives this higher level of energy? Maybe the cycles of the moon affect me/us more than I/we suspect? There is so much lore written about this lunar sphere that simply reflects light and strolls around our planet about every 28 days. Babies are born and owls hoot and nocturnal animals prowl, all governed by the cycle of the moon. This light in the sky holds mystery and enough power to affect tides and creatures of the night, why not me?

The Full Beaver Moon or Full Frost Moon,   is waxing and I am busy. What will happen on the other side of Sunday when the moon begins to wane, will I also? I am anxious to discover.



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night falls

1-full-001I missed the Full Strawberry Moon rising last night – it was cloudy and I was, regretfully, distracted, but I did see it hang above the trees an hour after its debut. It was pure splendor, this first full moon of summer. Quickly I thought of my brief time spent in the Tuscan countryside just a short while ago and tried to imagine how beautiful the Strawberry Moon was hovering over the hills of Tuscany, silencing the day and shedding light on the night. I do not like to compare and I concede that this heavenly body was so beautiful shining over the fields of home but because I had previously only visited the Italian countryside in my dreams and because I just had the pleasure of seeing it for real, I had to imagine Tuscany topped with the theatrical presentation of this dramatic celestial orb – the proverbial icing on the cake. Anyway, I missed the rising but stood outside for a while and watched it as it sat atop my house framed by the trees in the woods and for those few moments, only allowed its beauty to tangle there within my thoughts. I hope you saw it too.


a garden gate in Chianti

Summer is in full bloom here in the Deep South. Today I will pick the last plums from the Santa Rosa and begin to hear the harsh sound of the locust as the thermometer reaches 90 in the middle of the day as dragonflies rest on wooden clothespins. Later, at dusk, I will walk through the field to wait again for the now waning moon and to hear the tree frogs and, for yet again another summer of my life, instinctively look for fire flies in the approaching darkness. I think that every year of my life I have seen fireflies – how wonderful that I can claim that.

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