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Lust for Life

just something from Lust for Life that one of my sons reminded me of – the part about tolerance and easy going acceptance of life… I think it’s time for me to open those pages again.
“It’s a gorgeous parade, isn’t it, Theo?”
“Yes. Paris doesn’t really awaken until the aperitif hour.”
“I’ve been trying to think… what is it that makes Paris so marvelous?”
“Frankly, I don’t know. It’s an eternal mystery. It has something to do with French character, I suppose. There’s a pattern of freedom and tolerance here, an easy going acceptance of life that . . . Hello, here’s a friend of mine I want you to meet. Good evening, Paul; how are you?”
“Very well, thanks, Theo.”
“May I present my brother, Vincent Van Gogh? Vincent, this is Paul Gauguin. Sit down, Paul, and have one of your inevitable absinthes.”
Gauguin raised his absinthe, toughed the tip of his tongue to the liqueur and then coated the inside of his mouth with it. He turned to Vincent.
“How do you like Paris, Monsieur Van Gogh?”
“I like it very much.”
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