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Back to the beginning


I named my blog “Sketches of My Day”. It seemed like the best direction for me in 2006 when I jumped on the blog bandwagon. I wanted a place to write about the ordinary, the regular things that happen to all of us and things that were so simple they might go unnoticed…my ode to the ordinary. My enthusiasm towards this space has waxed and waned throughout the years, right now, it is waxing. I enjoy coming into this world of words and simple thoughts and the easy way in which I can share this heap of observations and  jumble of not so serious lyrics makes it somewhat fulfilling – it is how we communicate now…ahhhh social media. Anyway, with that original thought in mind and a current bit of steam in my engine, I am posting my very ordinary day thinking it might be a lighthearted read or, on an ambitious side, an idea for supper.

To begin, I slept through the Groundhog event. I woke at 5 but, somehow fell back asleep and missed the whole thing. I suppose I needed the extra sleep. Our “groundhog” here in New Iberia’s Bouligny Plaza seems to differ from the main one in Pennsylvania…hmmm?

Either way, I love Groundhog’s Day and the rich folklore that has survived amongst all of this technology.

lady bugI looked outside the kitchen window while coffee was brewing and was happy about the choice I had made this past fall not to cut the grass. I had walked through the decaying autumn leaves yesterday and realized they are home to so many living things, the leaves being all some small creatures have to protect them from what was an exceptionally cold winter in Louisiana. Another added benefit of not mowing in autumn are the little tree saplings that are sprouting from the acorns and seeds the birds and squirrels are planting everywhere…more trees to watch grow.

smoothieLater in the morning, I put together a smoothie, something I do each day. FYI this morning I blended a baked sweet potato (I keep a few baked and chilled in the refrigerator), an organic apple, a ripe banana, a frozen organic lemon, frozen organic peach slices, pineapple juice and organic green tea for the liquid.


oatGood stuff coupled with a hot serving of Organic Steel Cut Oats cooked with Organic Apple Slices and Organic Cinnamon and then served hot with butter and Honey from my bees. I don’t mean to be obnoxious with the frequent “organic” reference, but I do try to avoid chemicals in my vegetables and fruit  as much as possible.


sausagesweet potatoesLaundry and a bit of painting (I’m making valentine blocks) filled the rest of this winter morning. I decided to cook supper early today so, I looked for an idea. I had a cabbage, some Italian Sausage (without nitrates), red onions, sweet potatoes, and a bit of leftover organic brown rice. It all came together beautifully and was so quick and easy…no cans, no packaging, no processing and very little expense. Done.


It is late afternoon by now and I have time to write this very ordinary piece on this very ordinary day – a day I declare to be the very best kind.


b u

p s

it’s all good

plumsI did not return on the night I said I would, the night I was supposed to write about my “adjustment” – busy I suppose. I am here now though, after a walk around the yard early in the morning. It is different then. I see and hear things that are not there when the sun is declining. Because it was so early, I got the best plums that had fallen from my Santa Rosa – before the birds. I also saw the bees getting ready for their journey, gathered and hovering as though they were waiting for that family member that is always the last to be ready and then launching anxiously out into the woods. I got my shoes wet from the dew and I heard the slight sound of a baby bird and the noisiness and aggression of the mockingbirds. I snapped a magnolia and checked for tassels on the pecan trees – anticipating autumn. I felt the heat of the summer sun, even in the earliness of the day, and knew it would be a day of supreme growth for my fruit trees and perhaps abuse for my annuals. The world seemed right this morning…let the day begin.

b u

                                                                              p sIMG_0546

It’s the little things, really

I beat the sunrise this Saturday morning; I’m happy about that. I am, as they say, up before the chickens, literally.I haven’t heard them moving around yet and the birds are still cuddled up somewhere  because I cannot yet hear their songs. I did see my neighbor, however, pulling his boat going to Marsh Island to catch fish for his family.I am going to the farmers market this morning and this time I want to come home with  plenty  of vegetables – I  need to be there early.I hope to find squash and green beans and tomatoes. I planted my garden late so there is nothing yet to pick except potatoes and I need to find a cool afternoon the dig them up – time before the mosquitoes join me in the garden.

I’m back with snap beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and bell peppers – beautiful “food less traveled” – to quote a sign I saw there. I am drenched in summer and I feel the world slowing down, getting gentler  while the afternons linger and the nights are a spectacle of the waxing moon dangling like an ornament in the nearly summer sky and the June bugs are here with their sturdy shield reminding us of the sultry nights that will soon come to be. The green and blue dragonflies skim the water of the pool and settle on the wire of my clotheslines reminding me , for some reason, of my preschool childhood in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. It was 1958 and my best frends were Lavergne and Jody; we spent afternoons chasing and sometimes catching  “mosquito hawks” , running through sprinkles, and eating  lunches of bologna  sandwiches and Koolaid under the backyard tree. My mom was in the house, my dad was at work, my baby sister was asleep in her baby bed, and I was outside just being “4”, busy making this very simple and enduring summer memory. I really don’t remember much about the pomp and ceremony of my LSU graduation at 21, but I remember being 4 in Thibodeaux. It truly is about the seemingly “little” things for me. I hope you fill this nearly summer day with a myriad of “little things”.
b u
p s

summer rain

These summer days are rolling on and I am loving nearly every moment. It rained, hard, the other day and I had to stay inside, so I painted the entire day – taking breaks only to mess around on the computer and gaze out of the window. For me, this was a proverbial “heaven on earth” situation. I’ve said this before, it’s not the “big” things in life that bring happiness – those things can sometimes be spawned by ego and laced with vanity – it’s the little things – the things that all of us have. It’s you appreciating the rainy summer day and the sunshine that illuminated the earth when the rain stops, it’s seeing the good in people and doing good, it’s the self-satisfaction you feel when you have completed a difficult task or created a piece of art or it’s the cup of coffee and an early June morning when the house is still and it’s just you and the universe – anyway, I had that kind of day. Awesome stuff.
b u
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