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Getting more content each day – it’s working. I have turned over lots of happy moments hidden underneath unsuspecting circumstances and around dubious corners. The heat is stifling; I suppose  I could complain but I refused to say, “it’s so damned hot out there” nope, not me, I came into the house and told everyone about the symphonic crooning of frogs out there in the rain filled ditches – sounds of summer that go magically with the loud locust mating calls later in the day – Nature’s small creatures doing their very big part to make it all jive, I need to do my part to make my environment positive and therefore, productive. Going to the gallery today – went through the woods yesterday…picked pears and remembered my mom when I walked by her 4 o’clocks that have bloomed here for 25 years and always remind me of being 7, a new house, a new baby brother, and a little scattering of seeds someone had given her…the simplest of jestures, a small act of kindness still being enjoyed today, 50 years later – how’s that for positive energy!!

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kieffer pears and happiness

The kitchen was hot this midsummer  morning peeling Kieffer pears that had fallen from the tree, fallen from a strong furious wind in the middle of an extremely hot day – trying to cool off the planet but instead made a wreck of my fruit trees. So, here I am in mid-June with a bucket of premature pears. I left some on the ground for the hens – I’ll get them later in the eggs they lay – but I am putting most of them in a crisp or cobbler of sorts. It’s a wonderful summer morning – one I will remember in December when soup is on the menu and holiday anxiety is trying to sneak into my life. I think these mornings are the “times of my life”. I say this with an emphasis on “my”; I don’t include the lives of my family in this, for they are the “reason” for my life and have my total devotion and all of my heart. I say this to refer just to me, if there were just “me” – this would be my kind of happiness, very simple, very non-threatening, very organic living, living that keeps a slow pace that allows awareness and time to extend myself more. My twins were telling me about a study conducted on a college campus about a guy dressed up in a clown suit riding a bike through campus – and when asked if they had seen him, only a very small percentage had even noticed – too busy being “connected” to technology and stress. For that bit of time in the kitchen with my fallen pears, I am content and connected…
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