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Write it Down

The second day of the year is already here – life doesn’t wait for us does it? I have so much whirling around in my mind right now – no resolutions just sketches of footpaths and affirmations of where I am and what I am doing. There’s something about the fresh scrubbed beginning of the new year that rejuvenates us – I can take it a step further and celebrate each new day and I hope to this year. I have just recently written an “artist bio” for a show I have been asked to be in (yay!!) and it was a great exercise for me – it made me sort through some things and in the end, it made me feel good about my art. I suppose there is some merit to writing things down – it becomes a visual of your fabric and it helps to “see” who you are. I also found an old journal from college last night – it “randomly” fell to the floor in my little office while I was gathering tax stuff. I shared some of it with my twins – it was fun and connecting – their mom at their age. I read two entries about two of the paintings hanging on my wall – telling me when they were completed and how I felt about them – so wonderful to recapture. Ahhh, the written word – where will it be, is it a thing of the past? Anyway, enough about nothing, I need to get busy and capture this moment before it ends up in a journal.

Sept. 26, 1974…”I finished the painting of the two Malboro men for my dad today…”
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