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At the suggestion of my brother I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer Sunday morning  on Public Television. Hmmm a lot to wonder about. I typed in a few little notes on my iPhone. I looked at it today and here is my very abbreviated summary:

Edged God Out = EGO

The “Small Self” seeks things that will perish.

The “Higher Self” is spirit, God, something eternal .

Jesus says God is Love

This last little note I jotted down is my belief – God is Love. That’s all I need to know…

I like these hasty transcripts; it is something I completely agree with. I am constantly aware of the struggle between ego and spirit. I try to stay in spirit and keep ego at bay. It is difficult, but it’s supposed to be, we are supposed to be challenged by the “outside” but should succumb to our inside, our spirit. When we do, we know it, it feels like victory and when we let ego win, we know that too, it feels awful – it feels like we ate too much, said too much, spent too much, just not good .
Anyway, just wanted to post this. Dr. Dyer spoke for a couple of hours and nearly every word he uttered was profound but this is what stood out for me the most. I hope you can connect and perhaps spend your day in spirit instead of feeding “ego”.

“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”
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Today is leap year, such a fun seems that the earth actually takes 365.242 days to make its journey around the sun and like everything in life, that little bit of time adds up to another complete day about every four years. This is that special day a girl can propose to a man, hmmm. Anyway, we get one more day this year so, I say, make it count.

 I will begin my day by counting blessings and that always helps to get me positive, for as I have recently and frequently declared being positive is my destination. It’s early as I post and the day is freshly scrubbed and new. Life is still for a moment and this moment is where I need to adjust myself, prepare myself for another God given day. These early morning moments are divine – they are where life holds still for just a bit, all I hear are the birds outside and they too seem to sing more in the very early morning. Do they know something; is this the time we should reflect, this time before we are distracted by the day and before negative forces try very hard to corrupt our thoughts with the day’s dirt?
Perhaps we are like the sunrise – our days begin with its divine burst that is only positive energy and as it makes its way across the sky it becomes shadowed and obstructed until it finally rests from the weight of the day only to begin renewed again tomorrow. Nature gives us so many examples, so many lessons but for some reason, there are many that just ignore her and even worse, destroy her.

“Upon awakening, let the words Thank You flow from your lips, for this will remind you to begin your day with gratitude and compassion.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

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