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I see the memos everywhere these days – do what you love, keep doing it and it you will be where you are supposed to be, follow your passion, think positive thoughts – I advocate this sort of thing – I believe it and I am implementing. One of the most tangible and visible things I am doing is writing. I am reading Julia Cameron’s the Right to Write and I am so pumped about the permission I have to just write – to write with no goals in mind, to write because that’s just what I want to do. It becomes so pure and wonderful when you take away all of the clandestine motives like getting published, getting feedback, getting a grade, it just becomes the love of the art and the challenge you put forth for yourself. I am loving this place I am in and this blog will become my platform. Today is my last day of school for this school year and I plan to write and paint. I apologize for anything less than good I post but good is not my complete purpose – “doing it” is my primary objective. Anyway, to whomever visits, I hope you can find something in some of the entries that nudge you forward in your world but mostly, I hope you do what you were created to do for no other reason than you love it. And if all that I see, hear, and feel is true, you will find yourself in the place you were created to “be” in. peace

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