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"Be Mine"

Valentine’s Day came and went without much thought from me. I disappoint myself. I usually look at this day of love stuck in the middle of February as a gateway of sorts into spring; hmmm this year I just ate the chocolate – no red velvet cupcakes, no cards, no sentimental journey…now I feel disappointed. I usually love Valentine’s Day – I love the way it sits there on the cusp of spring, the way the cold air blows over the precocious clover promising the arrival of spring, I love remembering the huge red heart my dad would buy for my mom and smaller matching hearts for the three kids and finding the caramel inside of a chocolate nugget, I love the little valentine cards of my youth – the ones that weren’t something Hollywood was promoting – the ones that simply said “Be Mine”.I suppose this little bit of apathy could have something to do with the way everything is hyper commercialized and mass produced and all about the bottom line. Or maybe it’s because when I was in a department store on February 13 looking for valentine candy for my class, there was essentially none and the easter bunnies were lurking in the aisle about to be shelved – sorta takes away the magic for kids I think – tell me why , tell me how we have arrived at this pitiful point of consumerism? Okay, enough – this blog is suppose to be a positive flow of energy – not a rant. Happy Belated Valentine’s day…



The morning is frosty, and good. It is good because my children are all happy and well. That has become my measuring stick since I have become a mother – my happiness is directly plugged in to their state of being – this is how my life will always be from now until the end. I struggle to even use the word ”happiness” – it is very amorphous and generalized. I am more comfortable using the word content or the phrase, at peace. I can determine where to place the bar on contentedness – I can customize it to fit my outlook and view of all things worldly. As evident in my writing, I am trying, and being pretty successful, at lowering the bar of materialistic/worldly concerns and trying to live my life in spirit. I have, because of this altercation, found myself “at peace” more often than not – I’m not buying into it. I cannot understand how I once lived any other way – I was sucked in by the propaganda that follows us around and tries to penetrate our spirit. It is so freeing to disconnect from that ball and chain but it becomes more difficult to connect with many aspects of society, hence the term, recluse. I am not there yet, but it could happen! I have been blessed with the love of the arts and I look forward to the waning time of tomorrow when I can fill my days with painting and writing and growing my own food – I hope those days will be given to me, I hope to  live in a state of peace. Anyway, the autumn air is chilly here and the season of commercialism is upon us – each year tops the one before. Where does it stop? I hope I have been able to instill in my children the value of developing themselves with challenges and intangibles and not relying on society’s morphed and materialistic measuring stick to tell them who they are.

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