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Ben Franklin and virtue

Ben Franklin began each day with “The Morning Question: “What Good shall I do this day?” and ended with “The Evening Question”: What Good Have I done today?” “(John C. Bogle)

I have read it (thanks to William), now I have written it, and , hopefully, now I will remember it – this is it – this is what true goodness is – getting out of your narcissistic self and doing good for others – everything else is self-serving.

For Goodness Sake
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patience and plantations

History seems to be the main event for me these days – the appreciation for and the destruction of. Yesterday was a day of spontaneity,adventure, and history – one of the best kind of days, a day to leave your life for a bit and exist in another – it is so constructive to get out of yourself for a bit of time, to forget what you’re doing and to not care who you are. Elizabeth is engrossed in Gone With the Wind, my mother’s all time favorite book/movie. She is captured by Rhett Butler and is fascinated with Miss O’Hara. The book is page after numerous page of elaborate description of the old South and Elizabeth is no skimmer; she reads every single syllable. I thought, what a great time to see a real ante bellum home… so, we put on some lipstick, grabbed a few bucks and got in the VW. I took her to two houses I had seen years ago with my mom, Nottoway and Oak Alley. It is all so curious this relationship or better said, connection, she shares with my mother; each day unfolds another similarity. I don’t even know how she, a 16 year old, even came across this book and then how a 16 year old would want to read a book about the Civil War that would include 1048 pages – life is magical somehow. I am getting to know my mother better through my daughter . I suppose life really does mend itself if we can be patient. Patience, that is the hard part – we screw things up because we are not patient – we don’t allow the universe to unfold – we become impatient, intervene, and mess up “the plan”.
He that can have patience can have what he will.
Benjamin Franklin
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