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September 30, 2010 – connections

Forget all that I have ever said about decluttering…I retract it all. Keep everything!! A spontaneous moment occurred yesterday that I value beyond any satisfaction a tidy organized house could ever give me. Elizabeth asked if I had any of my mother’s clothes – she loves to wear vintage. Well, I do, and so began the journey, nearly two hours later we had dug in the annals of every closet and drawer and found perfectly fitting blouses, dainty handkerchiefs to tie back her hair with, red loafers that fit just right, and long black gloves with little pearl buttons; I felt so near to my mother through my daughter – who never knew her, but in many ways, is her. I am a bit sad that I did lose my way this summer and threw away some of her clothes –she died 13 years ago and I thought it “was time”. Anyway, just wanted to post and share this moment that supersedes any declutter advice I have ever read. There are no worldly moments that can compare to those that are spiritually based.

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