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bee inspired

DSC_0674I know summer is near and that I am sitting in the middle of spring…full blown wonderful spring. I know because the beekeepers are here. I watched them through the green branches of the magnolias,  in bee suits and moving supers that will, by mid-summer, be filled with honey from my little place in this world. It is all so comforting and wonderful, watching man within Nature and knowing, somehow, no matter what else is happening, Nature goes on. The bees will collect nectar and the beekeepers, myself include I am happy happy to say, will extract honey when the summer has distended into fall and the cycle continues.

 bees leavingI was in one of my hives this morning before it was too hot but after most of the worker bees had left for the day. My intention was to add a super before the May flow and just do a general look at the colonies. While looking in wonder, I noticed a particular worker bee amongst the thousands of other bees. This little bee had, I believe intentionally, attached herself to a dead bee and was working so hard and diligently to remove the dead bee from the hive – bees love to clean and they keep the hive very tidy. I suppose it was so difficult, being the same size as the dead bee and it being “dead weight” but I watched her stumble and literally fall but she never gave up. Eventually, she reached the edge of the super and made a dive with the dead bee towards the ground. Perhaps it was an unintended fall; I do not know. She disappeared from my sight but left me with some form of determination somehow, determination to overcome the anxiety or fear of a big job and know that if I stick to it, I can do it. Silly little story but I felt inspired by this tiny creature; she continues my belief that Nature holds all of the truths.

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