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too early



I just saw the first robin of “spring”…they are coming out of the woods now because the earth is warm enough for the earthworms to ascend…we have had very little winter in the Deep South. Anyway, just posting this event with a bit of sadness and much confusion; the little robin actually seemed a bit confused and bewildered as he or she suddenly scouted the yard on this late February day. My sadness comes from the lack of contrast of the seasons; I want to feel all of them so that the next one is defined and delicious.

My friend, Kathleen Hayek, lives in New York and I remember her telling me how wonderful spring was in NYC, everyone was so happy to leave the winter behind and were able to appreciate the gifts of spring – the difference, the contrast is what makes each season so glorious. Anyway, that did not happen here this year. My citrus trees have fruit and blossoms on them at the same time, my plum trees have already flowered and there’s a baffled robin in my yard looking for earthworms…p s




ground hogs and roosters




On this day of the groundhog, I must write something about the rooster. As I have written, I have chickens. I love “keeping” them. I love getting baby chicks and caring for them as they grow and then developing a bit of “relationship” with them as hens. I love the different colors and kinds and feathers and shapes and I love the fresh eggs.

Anyway, I accidentally have a rooster now. This rooster’s job is to protect the hens and he is one scary dude! I have what has been declared, by me, a “rooster protection stick” by each outside door because he comes after me with hostility each time he hears the door slam – only me, never never my husband, just me??? He scares me and sometimes I hate him but I know he is doing his very important job so, I live with his rules. The last rooster I had actually gave his life to protect his flock from a predator – they do not back off from threats to their flock! Anyway, I have learned a lot from this little barnyard microcosm of mine and last night, I learned something new; roosters are not monogamous.




I have 2 chicken coops, henhouses, and he lives in the bigger coop with the older hens, this is where he has been since he was 1 day old, this is his flock. Well, last night when I went to close up the coops, the rooster was in the other coop with the “younger” girls. I had to chuckle and share…I have always looked to the natural world for answers and with that in mind, what conclusions could I draw?  

Happy Groundhog Day