mormgloryIt is October…a wonderful month filled with leaves and pumpkins and spice and coziness… the season has slipped into another one night while I was sleeping I suppose, just like that, the bloom of summer faded and the hint of fall took its place. Every year this happens and each time, I am amazed; I never tire of October. I had so many things I wanted to fit into this perfect autumn day, too many, so I decided on planting violas, feeding my bees a bit of sugar water, watering my morning glories and making a healthy soup for supper…oh, and writing. It is early in the day, time for coffee and this entry, so I will still have time to watch the waxing moon when I gather the eggs from my hens as they roost and end their day of wandering and I, once again, will be thankful for their gifts. I was able to cut a few more stacks of okra this morning from what is left of the summer garden; I will soon have enough to smother and put in the freezer for a chicken and okra gumbo this winter.violas

I did make an interesting observation on this perfect October day, I realized that my kitchen window should have faced the backyard instead of the side yard…31 years later, I notice. I am there at my kitchen window a lot because I hand wash dishes and I cook and bake, much throughout the years and still some today. I am looking at the human world through my kitchen window – it faces the street. I could have been watching the natural world had it faced the backyard and the woods. I could have watched the morning birds diving for their breakfast and my hens pecking for theirs. I could have seen the first robin come from the woods in early spring or our cat chase fat green lizards while waiting to be fed. I could have watched the maple tree change colors with the season and the bluebirds in their wooden house on the arbor. Instead I only saw cars passing.

The soup is ready.



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