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it’s the little things…

100_3969I didn’t intend to write today, I intended to paint, but somehow in the heat of this longest day of the year, this first day of summer, I found myself in my hopeless and overgrown garden, haphazardly hunting for cucumbers that may have survived the rains and the neglect; I wanted to feed them to my chickens. In my search, I found the overgrown yellowed ones, the ones that our human palates would not allow past our lips but my hens would happily feast upon. And surprisingly, I found small beautifully shaped, dark green, newly grown cucumbers. Immediately, I thought, I’ll make pickles. These pickles I make are very simple, they require only vinegar, salt and pepper and old jars of any size you have saved and pushed to the back of your cupboards. It is a recipe that, I believe, comes from my maternal grandmother, my mamae, who lived in Ville Platte. In summertime, there was always a jar of these pickles sitting on the kitchen table, ready to accompany and enhance the daily rice and gravy meals – that memory is beautifully etched and touches all of my senses. Anyway, I brought the cucumbers in to the kitchen, found a couple of just right jars, gathered the salt, pepper and white vinegar and began. After about the second slice, my idle thoughts went straight to my dad.

And as I said, I had no intention of writing today and had absolutely no plans to chime into the beautiful salutations I see on social media about all of the wonderful dads…but the pickles created a stir. He made these pickles for my nephew, Ben, after my mother died; it was a task he did so tenderly. I’m sure the surface value and intention was to provide Ben with this culinary treat but beyond that, it was his tribute to my mother and her culture and it was something that a father of the “John Wayne” era could do with domestic warmth. It was something that connected those memories and the love of family.

Anyway, after all that is said and not said and all that is done and overdone, it really is the little things we remember and hold most dear. Not all dads can provide the big things, (the things that only money can buy) but all dads can provide the little things (the things only love can give). Happy Father’s Day to all of you and my wish is that one day your memory is as warm and lovely as I found in my garden today…dad pickles


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Sunday musings…


So, here is something I wrote a few years ago and the theme has reappeared in my Sunday Column today…hmmm

original post was February 25, 2013

I just wanted to share this tidbit with you. It is in line with the many books I’ve read about the power of our subconscious mind – the place with all the answers. I hope you can draw from this…

“During his day, Edison would take time out by himself and relax in a chair or on a sofa. Invariably he would be working on a new invention and seeking creative solutions to the problem he was dealing with. He knew that if he could get into that “twilight state” between being awake and being asleep, he could access the pure creative genius of his subconscious mind.



To prevent himself from crossing all the way over the “genius gap” into deep sleep, he would nap with his hand propped up on his elbow while he clutched a handful of ball-bearings. Then he would just drift off to sleep, knowing that his subconscious mind would take up the challenge of his problem and provide a solution. As soon as he went into too deep a sleep, his hand would drop and the ball-bearings would spill noisily on the floor, waking him up again. He’d then write down whatever was in his mind.”

and more of the same from another earlier post…

There are no answers. We spend our lives asking questions but no one has been able to come up with the answer key. Minds far greater than mine have thought and pondered and died…never returning to let us know if they were right. I suppose that is why really old people, at least the ones that have been observant, are great sources of wisdom and while they don’t have “the answers”, they can make better assumptions. There are messages in their stories and lessons from their lives, but who even listens – youth is being carelessly spent on worldly things.

 It can be so Shakespearean…


To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

ok, this is deep and dark and Shakespeare can be scary and tragic…I will take the antithesis of this projection and flood my day with light.

I have a lot of questions today; it is a day without a job, a day to be with my thoughts…here’s one I ask myself: 

 Not now, so, when?

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clean 15


The rains may have jipped us, kinda, of the bounteous produce we would see at the farmers markets in June…

I am so fortunate to have found a wonderful source for much of our summer produce that we use in our store right down the road in Loreauville. I look forward to the morning ritual of “shopping” there. The farmer is a treat within himself and his garden is unbelievable – it is so well orchestrated and an aesthetic masterpiece. He spends his day there, battling bugs, tying tomatoes, turning over peas for nitrogen, encouraging bees and ladybugs, and staying close to the earth, fulfilled and spent at 5 o’clock. I am so at peace that many are connecting food to farmer and loving the link while subliminally incorporating this into their lives – Our food is the most important thing we buy/obtain and yet it is so automated and disseminated – processed and treated. I wanted to post the EWG’s list of the “Clean 15” – here it is:

Clean Fifteeen

EWG’s 2015 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

1 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



2 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists

Sweet Corn


3 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



4 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



5 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists

Sweet peas frozen


6 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



7 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



8 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



9 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



10 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



11 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



12 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



13 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



14 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists



15 EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists

Sweet potatoes

As you can see, there is enough good stuff here to keep you healthy and happy. This is just my humble opinion but it has to be a good idea to be mindful of what we put into our bodies – it all shows up later!

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