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it’s time

I found this long ago entry – 2010 – that I am reposting because I need to get to this place I have written about…it’s time.



It is Saturday day morning in late September and I sit here wanting to write something positive and uncomplicated – the way I would like my week end to be. I think of the quote my daughter sent to me yesterday, the one by Thoreau that says, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined,” and I am inspired. While hanging out sheets or mindfully making supper this week end and being still for a moment, I will think again of what my dreams are and try to clear the path that leads to them. Time is not waiting for me. I have realized that you need courage to follow your dreams because you must break away from the status quo and you must do as Frost says, take the other road, “the one less traveled by” – daunting for most. I have not, as of yet, left the beaten path and I fear I may not ever. Life has led me to responsibilities and routines that are necessary to maintain. There are times, however, when I see a clearing and an opportunity to wander into the place in my head where I have my dreams. I feel encouraged that one day I will step off of this predictable path that I am on and just be. The place that I am is a pleasant place, it is safe and enriched and all is well here, and for that I am grateful and thankful. This other place is just a place that only involves me – it is where I am and in time, I will find it. In the mean time, I will relish these days and the people I am privileged to share them with…

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself. 

Alan Alda


b u

p s


post script: I have made strides towards my garden this past weekend. The actual garden is a soggy bed of dirt and weeds that I cannot do anything with right now, but I have started a new compost pile and now have three in various stages – one ready, one complete and cooking, and one just beginning. I am happy about this. It is fascinating to witness food scraps and leaves turn into rich fertile soil.

looking back and staying home

 What follows  is an old entry I found way back in my old blog – sketches of my day. I love that I continue to be on this “page”. It tells me I am solid with my commitment to try to live under a veil of simplicity, hovering right above the earth. It makes me happy to have this tangible example of that continuity. I hope you can connect…

“Rolling out of bed on Monday morning is difficult, especially after a week end of beautiful weather. Except for a short trip each year to a place far away, I think I could be happy just staying here each day. I have spent years setting up “centers” for myself around here – fruit trees, the woods, a place to paint, a quiet spot to write, my garden, the chickens, the small burning pile near the woods, the keeping room at sundown when the light filters through the blinds and a fresh cup of coffee to sip will I watch, and my kitchen. I spent a bit too much time in the kitchen this past Saturday – I have to stop looking at recipe books during the week. I made 8 loaves of persimmon, carrot, sweet potato, and pumpkin bread, spinach lasagna, vegetable soup, and Texas brownies with made from scratch icing. I went crazy in there escaping to the outdoors to plant sweetpeas (the flower), turnip and carrot seeds, and broccoli plants while things baked and simmered. Anyway, I could handle more of this; I may just understand why Emily Dickinson never left home for 26 years.”

b u

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 and just a mention…32 years ago I was so happy to welcome William into my world – the best gift of all – a child.