as little as a bee

It was a day of ultra-sensitivity. Perhaps it’s that super moon lurking in the heavens – creating some sort of magnetic force that drew out those feelings like a poultice drawing out  toxins but instead of poison , positive energy surfaced – making me see how beautiful it all is. Nothing special happened today other than I just ignored any thoughts that were not radiating beauty – I was able to find so much just right here within the edges of my tiny world.


Elizabeth’s graduation june 2013

First and always, my family is safe. There are
things not exactly right, perhaps, by the standards of this cock eyed world but
in my world, it’s all good and that delivers the greatest amount of happiness
and inner peace.



There are the bees – the bee keeper has left them here throughout the summer this year – I am hoping it is because they are still finding nectar and making honey. I watched them for several moments today – watching as they made their contribution to this planet – against all of the harm that mankind has delivered, all of the obstacles man has put forth – they still do their jobs, they do not hesitate. DSC_0644






Then there are the pears that have grown in abundance – allowing me to use so many for smoothies, and more to make pear butter and plenty have fallen and are giving my chickens such a feast. 






IMG_0241Even  the moments I spent in the house working were wonderful – this old house  has kept us comfortable and safe for nearly 30 years. I continually find things here that seem to hide from me until I need to find them – little remnants that soften some feeling that might need to be softened. It’s pretty messy in here and some days I can feel discouraged by it all but not today, today I embraced the piles and saw them as signs of a rich life. I even hung the laundry today – something I have not allowed myself the time to do in a long long time. It was such a Zen experience – taking the time to create a mosaic on the clothesline – watching the wind gently blow it all dry as dragonflies, huge from summer, lit on old wooden clothespins and made me think about a baby girl in a laundry basket watching me.

I found a beautiful scented flower in the backyard – it’s a ginger plant and the fragrance is just like honeysuckles…I cut one and put it in a vase to grace my messy kitchen.ginger

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”  Eleonora Duse

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