DSC_0959Art mirrors life and gives us an exciting visual timeline of society. On a small and personal level, this is what my art has become, a timeline of my life. It was academic in college, impressionistic in youth, simplistic in middle age and now it is just feel good, positive energy.

I would like for my art, both my paintings and my writing, to cause a smile and a thought – that’s it, nothing deeper nothing more than a simple positive flow of energy, a feel good stir of emotion. I am filled up with happiness while I create and hopefully, this energy will be passed on to you.  I am in a wonderful place in my life; it is filled with domesticity, family, writing, gardening, and painting.

The more time passes, the more I understand how important it is to take notice of all the simple things that are woven into my day. I hope to continue to discover and share those things that are close to the Earth and there for us always, while we are busy looking somewhere else.Amongst all of the emphasis on materialism, I hope this small space on the web can help you to understand that:

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Love a Cup



What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.

John Updike

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